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The first excavations of the domus funded by the English ambassador, Sir Savile Lumeley were carried out by the local archaeologist Giuseppe Sordini between 1885 and 1886. Due to the lack of money, the complete renovation of all the rooms was postponed in 1912.

An inscription bearing the dedication of a woman named Polla to the emperor Caligula was found while digging. The house might have belonged to Vespasia Polla, mother of Vespasiano, a native of Norcia and owner of several estates in the area of Norcia and Spoleto.The domus has been dated to the 1st century AD and its rooms still retain the beautiful and almost intact floor mosaics.
The atrium, composed of the impluvium in the centre, with a cistern underneath, and the compluvium, which opens into the ceiling, can be reached through a short corridor.

On the sides are the cubicula and alae, secondary rooms which nonetheless have remarkable mosaic tiles. In axis with the atrium is the tablinum, the reception room of the house, flanked by two rooms: on the right is the triclinium, arranged on a raised floor and still decorated today with a fragmentary fresco decoration; the room on the left communicates with the area where the peristyle once stood, the porticoed garden inside the house, of which some fragments of columns remain.


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